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YOUR MIX SUCKS by Marc Mozart: Waves Edition

Learn a complete methodology for mixing, from preparation to delivery
Image for YOUR MIX SUCKS by Marc Mozart: Waves Edition

Learn a Complete Mixing Method Covering the Entire Mixing Process


You have Waves plugins—now, discover how to use them to fine-tune your productions. Marc Mozart has mixed projects for Lil Wayne, DMX, Busta Rhymes, and many more—now, he teaches his favorite mixing techniques, based around Waves plugins.

This comprehensive e-book presents a complete methodology of mixing—from preparation to delivery—that covers the technical, artistic, and personal aspects of mixing. It’s a must-have.

  • Breaks down valuable mixing techniques to easy-to-follow steps
  • Includes suggested settings and examples for Waves plugins
  • eBook/PDF formatted for desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Designed for users of all DAWs: Logic, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper
  • Use as a workbook while going through the mixing process

A Treasure Trove of Practical Knowledge

  • Start Your Mix with the Fundamentals

    Set up your speakers, room, add bass traps, and tune your basic room acoustics. Then, find out how to manage all the elements of your mix, and prepare for the mixing process, before you even start moving the faders.

    Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
  • Transform Your Tracks

    Shape drums and bass to create a solid foundation, do drum replacement if needed, use proper gain-staging to avoid distortion, and build a lead vocal chain to highlight the most important part of any mix—the vocals.

  • Add the Right Sonic Spices

    You’ll find out how to obtain the best results from EQ and dynamics, apply parallel processing theories to practical use, and add dimension and depth to your productions with ambient processing like reverb.

    Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
  • Finish with a Flourish

    Add final touches with automation, to create the ideal mix. Learn about the magic of the stereo bus, and the best plugins for processing the final mix. Print stems, master, and archive—then deliver your music.

    Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”

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Complete Table of Contents
  • 1. Monitoring, Loudness   Your Ears
  • 1.1 Steal Mom’s Kitchen Radio
  • 1.2 From Small Window to Magnifying Glass
  • 1.3 Listening Levels
  • 1.4 Switching Speakers
  • 2. Creating the “Good Enough” Mix Room
  • 2.1 Room Acoustics – Ghetto Style
  • 2.2 Speaker Setup, Absorbers   Bass Traps
  • 2.3 Improving the Low End of Your Room
  • 2.4 The 10-Minute Room Test
  • 3. reparing Your Mix Session
  • 3.1 Micro-   Macro-Management of Your Mix
  • 3.2 Importing the Files
  • 3.3 The concept of “Handles”
  • 3.4 References and A/Bing
  • 4. The Magic of the 1st Listen
  • 4.1 The 1st Listen Experience
  • 4.2 Mixing for Someone Else
  • 4.3 Emotional Analytical Listening
  • 4.4 Mixing Your Own Song
  • 5. Foundations: Kick, Bass   Gain Staging
  • 5.1 Low End Analysis and Balance
  • 5.2 Shaping Kicks, Mixing Bass
  • 5.3 Drum Replacement
  • 5.4 Gain Staging
  • 6. It’s All About the Vocals
  • 6.1 A Quick Excursion into Vocal Recording
  • 6.2 Building the Lead Vocal Chain
  • 6.3 Parallel Compression
  • 6.4 Vox Against the World
  • 7. Continuity
  • 7.1 Correcting Levels Pre-Plugin Chain
  • 7.2 Careful Limiting
  • 7.3 Nulling Your Faders
  • 8. Parallel Processing
  • 8.1 The Theory Behind Parallel Processin
  • 8.2 The Philosophical Dimension
  • 8.3 Parallel Processing on Vocals and Drums
  • 8.4 Parallel Processing Plugins
  • 9. Colors   Dynamics
  • 9.1 EQ-ing and EQ-Plugins
  • 9.2 A Different Look at Compressors
  • 9.3 Compressor-Plugins
  • 9.4 Tape Saturation, Mic Pres and Magic Chains
  • 10. Dimension   Reverb Culture
  • 10.1 Reverb History
  • 10.2 A 3-Dimensional Mix
  • 10.3 Flavors of Delays
  • 10.4 Modulation, Subgroups, FX-Busses and Routing
  • 11. Automation   Stereo Bus Magic
  • 11.1 Automation
  • 11.2 Stereo Bus Magic
  • 11.3 Loudness Meter
  • 11.4 Useful Mix Bus Plugins
  • 12. Stems, Mastering   Delivery
  • 12.1 Feedback
  • 12.2 Printing Stems   Archiving
  • 12.3 Mastering
  • 12.4 UDelivery
  • 13. Bonus I: SSL Consoles – History & Typology
  • 13.1 Overview
  • 13.2 History
  • 13.3 Today
  • 13.4 Resources