CLA MixHub

The smooth console workflow & rich analog sound of legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge

Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

Precision model of the transfer console used in Abbey Road's mastering rooms

Abbey Road Chambers

The sounds of Abbey Road’s echo chamber, with the long-lost S.T.E.E.D. setup

eMotion LV1 Complete Live Mixing System

Limited time special: Everything you need to set up a SoundGrid-powered live show

Flex Rent-to-Own

The most flexible rent-to-own plugin plan: choose your top 10 plugins + 3 more free

Scheps Omni Channel

The channel strip, brought to perfection by Grammy-winning mixer Andrew Scheps

SoundGrid Certification: Free Online Courses Now Available

Take SoundGrid 101 and 201 to get certified using Waves SoundGrid systems for audio networking and real-time processing.

WATCH: Destructive Sound Design: The Killer Chain – Part 1

What is “destructive” sound design? Watch to find out with Sound Designer Graham Reznick