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Where are the Women in Audio? Q&A with Marcella Araica

May 10, 2018 | 20,433 Views

You asked, she answered: Multi-platinum mix engineer Marcella Araica (Timbaland, Gucci Mane) invited Waves users to ask her questions on Facebook. Here are her answers. Find out about her experiences as a woman in the audio industry, her go-to vocal chains, and other industry advice for mixers.

Here are the questions Marcella picked:

0:25 Who are are your top inspirations in the studio?
2:02 Managing the mixer/client relationship – any special advice for women?
3:48 Empowering Women in the Industry - The Red Bottoms Foundation
5:09 How do you balance your personal life with a career in the studio?
6:39 Who approves the final mix: The mixer, the producer, or the label?
7:44 What are your go-to plugin chains for vocals?
9:00 What are your techniques for mixing vocal stacks?
9:44 Do the lyrics influence the vibe of the mix?
10:57 What separates you from other mix engineers in the industry?

Want more tips from Marcella? Check out which plugins are her go-to's.