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Waves V14 Plugins Are Now Compatible with Avid VENUE S6L Consoles

Sep 13, 2022

We are glad to announce that Avid VENUE S6L consoles are now fully compatible with the latest version (V14) of Waves plugins, via the updated Waves SoundGrid Rack for VENUE.

Waves V14 Plugins Are Now Compatible with Avid VENUE S6L Consoles

All Waves V14 SoundGrid-compatible plugins can now run within Avid VENUE S6L live sound consoles, via the Waves SoundGrid Rack for VENUE software, which has also been updated to V14.

This release continues and expands the seamless integration of Waves plugins within Avid VENUE S6L consoles: Waves plugins run directly within the S6L console, with tactile control of the plugins from within the console’s control surface, and no need for an added host computer.

The V14 release deepens this seamless integration, adding the ability to bypass and navigate between Waves plugins directly from the S6L control surface (via CKM), plus other performance enhancements. This release also adds official Waves support for Avid I/O sharing.

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Important note for owners of Waves SoundGrid servers X9: Updating the firmware of generation 9 (X9) Waves SoundGrid servers, from SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V10 to V14, may result in an error message. To solve this issue, please refer to this Support article.