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Waves SoundGrid for Everyone!

Feb 22, 2015

We are pleased to announce that starting March 1, 2015, each Waves plugin or bundle will have a single license for both Native (local) and SoundGrid (DSP) processing.

  • Each new purchase of a Waves plugin/bundle will include both Native and SoundGrid versions.*
  • With a current Waves Update Plan, any Native plugins/bundles you already own can be updated to become SoundGrid-compatible at no additional cost.

update to soundgrid

You can now take advantage of everything that the SoundGrid platform, I/Os and DSP servers have to offer and enjoy real-time processing and networking!

Important: You can keep working Natively using your Native versions of Waves plugins. Working with the SoundGrid versions is simply an additional option that you now enjoy at no extra cost.

Also note: From now on, any SoundGrid plugin or bundle you already have or will buy in the future will appear without the word “SoundGrid” in the plugin/bundle name.

* Some Waves plugins do not have SoundGrid versions: check plugin compatibility.

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