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Young Guru: The Art of Subtractive EQ

Learn the signature vocal mixing techniques of legendary hip hop mix engineer Young Guru
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Learn Young Guru’s Signature Vocal Mixing Techniques

In this premium masterclass, legendary hip hop mixing engineer Young Guru (Jay Z, Beyoncé) shares with you his signature vocal mixing techniques, with special focus on how to make room for vocals in a busy mix—and why it’s crucial that you mater the often-neglected art of subtractive EQ.

Learn How to Make Room for Vocals with Subtractive EQ

  • Vocal Pre-Mix and Guru’s Complete Signal Chain

    Young Guru shows you how to start your mix with your best foot forward, using proper clip gaining and a good understanding of the musical context. He then shows you how crucial it is to apply subtractive EQ along with compression to properly shape the vocal chain: Watch now

  • How to Mix Multiple Vocalists Together

    A modern hip-hop production can easily involve several vocalists on the same track. Watch how Guru adjusts his signal chain to enhance each vocalist and make them gel, with one another and with the overall track: Watch now

  • How to Make Room for Vocals in a Busy Mix

    With the right adjustments, subtractive EQ can be a highly effective tool for all tracks and uses. In this chapter, Young Guru reveals his personal subtractive EQ techniques for melodic vocals, and how to create vocal space in the playback for a full, immersive mix: Watch now

About Young Guru

Young Guru is a Grammy-winning producer and mix-engineer. He is behind for some of the greatest hits in hip hop history. For the past 25 years, Guru has worked side by side with the biggest names in the game, including Jay Z, The Carters, Rihanna, Kanye West, and many more.

Song used in this video: “All or Nothing” Performed by J.Stone feat. Dave East & Alexandria Dopson Written by J.Stone, Dave East, Alexandria Dopson Produced by Artega Mixed by Young Guru Visit J Stone on Instagram | Twitter

The music chosen by Young Guru for this masterclass contains explicit lyrics. Waves is not liable for the artist’s lyrics or text and does not own the publishing rights or copyright to the featured music in any manner.