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Masterclass with Neal H Pogue

Join Grammy®-winning producer & mixer Neal H Pogue (Outkast, Tyler the Creator, Doja Cat, Stevie Wonder) for a lesson about simplicity in mixing – in this Waves Premium Masterclass, exclusive to Waves Update Plan members.

As producers and mixers, we’re often tempted to add more – more tracks, more effects, more compression, more EQ . In this masterclass, Neal opens his mix for indie-pop band The Marias, Grammy-nominated for Best Engineered Album in 2022 – and shows you how less can be more: how simple moves can create the groove and feel of a song.

Watch Neal share his “less his more” approach to production and mixing, how to keep things “just right” and not “too much,” plus tips about how to know when your mix is done, whether or not to mix with the mastering engineer in mind, and more.
Neil H Pogue is a 4-time Grammy®-winning producer, audio engineer and mixer. He has won Grammy Awards for his work on Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2004), Tyler, the Creator’s Igor (2019), and Kaytranada’s “10%” (2021).
His many other production and mixing credits include Stevie Wonder, Doja Cat, Janelle Monae, Nicky Minaj, Lil Wayne, Common, Earth, Wind & Fire, TLC, Solange, Pink, M.I.A. and many more.

Music in this masterclass:

“Calling U Back” by The Marias
Produced by Josh Conway
Co-produced by Maria Zardoya
Mixed by Neal H. Pogue
Courtesy of Atlantic Records/Nice Life Music

This is a Waves Premium Masterclass, exclusive to Waves Update Plan members. The Waves Update Plan is included free for 1 year with every Waves plugin or bundle purchase and is renewable at any point afterwards.