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Masterclass with Piper Payne

Learn the most musical-sounding
way to add depth and width to your masters

Join award-winning mastering engineer Piper Payne (Madame Gandhi, Dolly Parton) to learn a secret technique for making your masters wider, in this Waves Premium Masterclass, exclusive to Waves Update Plan members.

We all want our mastered tracks to sound big, wide, loud and full. To achieve that, many of us first reach for stereo spreader knobs, stereo widening plugins, or MS processing techniques. But these methods are risky, and might introduce phase issues if not done carefully. In this masterclass, Piper will show you a simpler, more musical, more natural way to achieve width and depth in a master.

Watch how to add depth and width to your masters, helping them sound big and full. Award-winning mastering engineer Piper Payne reveals her go-to technique – based on a surprising way to use limiting.
Piper Payne is an award-winning mastering engineer based in Nashville, TN. She has mastered a wide variety of major and independent artists including Dolly Parton, Madame Gandhi, The Go-Go’s and LeAnn Rimes. She is former Trustee of the Recording Academy, Co-Chair of the Recording Academy’s Producers and Engineers Wing, and owner of the Physical Music Products vinyl mastering and manufacturing plant.

Music in this masterclass:

Stick Shift Corolla” by Kristen Ford

This is a Waves Premium Masterclass, exclusive to Waves Update Plan members. The Waves Update Plan is included free for 1 year with every Waves plugin or bundle purchase and is renewable at any point afterwards.