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Producing Better Hip Hop with Lu Diaz: Episode 2

Jul 05, 2021 | 2,921 Views

Polishing Vocals, Adlibs, Hooks & Effects

In Episode 2 of this Waves Premium Masterclass, Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Lu Diaz (DJ Khaled, Pitbull, Jay Z) shows you how he takes hip hop vocals from good to great, improving everything from the main hook to adlibs and effects.

Watch Lu work with up-and-coming hip hop artist Rey King, re-recording and mixing the vocals to give them that final feel, with easy tweaks that seem subtle but make all the difference between a good demo and a great final track.

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Download Lu’s presets here:

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Song used in this video: “Never Be The Same”
Performed, Written & Produced by Rey King
Mixed by Lu Diaz
Recorded at Astro Studios, Atlanta

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