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Mixing with Waves and Avid S6L: Ozzy Osbourne on Tour


How does Ozzy Osbourne FOH Greg Price get his mixes to really rock? Get a glimpse into techniques for stacking vocal effects and his coined "good cop, bad cop" parallel drum compression: direct from Ozzy's front-of-house. Also, Greg shares how he makes the most of Waves' plugin integration with the Avid S6L console while on tour.

In this video:

  • 0:21 Building Ozzy's vocal chain
  • 1:26 Ozzy's vocal effects pyramid
  • 2:26 Parallel compression: Good Cop, Bad Cop
  • 4:57 Why use Waves SoundGrid?
  • 5:41 Waves plugins integrated with the Avid S6L console
  • 6:08 Waves vintage modeling: An old-school engineer's dream

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