Using Waves NKS-Ready Plugins in Maschine

Get free presets for the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, J37 Tape and Kramer Master Tape plugins, as used by Native Instruments’ Tim Cant to distort and distress a finished beat in the video “Create Vintage Hip Hop Vibes with Waves and Maschine.”

Using Waves NKS-Ready Plugins in Maschine


Download the free presets:

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How to add these presets to the plugins:

  1. Download and unzip the preset folder.
  2. Open the chosen plugin.
  3. With the plugin open, press the Load button in the top bar.
  4. Choose “Open Preset File” and go to wherever you unzipped the preset files.
  5. Once the preset loads, press Save > Put in to Preset File. This will save the preset in the plugin’s preset menu; it will be easy to recall as a preset whenever you want to use it.

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