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The Ultimate Low End Guide: 4 Essential Bass & Sub Enhancement Plugins

Oct 25, 2023 | 24,268 Views

Need bigger bass? Learn how to give your mixes extra low-end support, or add subby goodness to your instruments where needed, with these dedicated, easy-to-use bass enhancement plugins.

With Waves R-Bass, MaxxBass, LoAir and Submarine, you can give your productions additional low-end support where it matters. You can also give your synths, drums, etc. extended subby layers for huge bass-rattling effects.

Learn how you can enhance the strength, weight, and thickness of your tracks: This tutorial illustrates the key differences between these 4 plugins to help you decide which best suit your production needs for any particular track. We also demonstrate these plugins across a range of general production workflows. These include making a thin mix feel fatter, getting a bigger boom out of drum mixes, and generating thunderous lows in synth tracks that lack critical sub-harmonics.

  • 0:00: Introduction
  • 1:59: Understanding R-Bass and MaxxBass
  • 2:47: Using MaxxBass to add extra weight to drums
  • 3:23: Using R-Bass to add extra weight to drums
  • 3:54: Using MaxxBass to thicken a thin sounding master
  • 4:37: Understanding LoAir and Submarine
  • 4:59: Adding extra sub weight to synths with LoAir
  • 6:01: Adding new extended sub layers to a master with Submarine
  • 7:30: Summary

You can buy any of these plugins individually—or get all of them as part of the Waves Creative Access Ultimate subscription. (R-Bass, MaxxBass and LoAir are also available in the Waves Essential subscription—you can compare our subscriptions here).