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Turn Your DAW into an SSL Mixing Desk

Feb 15, 2017 | 416,268 Views

In this video, Graham Cochrane of the Recording Revolution shows you how to get the big, punchy sound of the SSL consoles by mixing an entire song with plugins from the SSL 4000 Collection.

Mixing with the SSL channel strip plugins can focus your work and save you lots of time, since all your most important tools – EQ and compression, but also filters, gates and more – are right there inside one plugin.

When you’re mixing, you’re not just doing compression, not just EQing, not just balancing levels – you’re thinking about all these things at once. And when it’s all in one plugin, you can work faster and more efficiently – super-important for getting a good mix, so that you don’t burn out and lose perspective on your song.

See how Graham gets the hard-hitting SSL sound on vocals, guitars, snare, drum overheads, room mics and more, by inserting the SSL E-Channel plugin on each individual track (alternatively, you can use the SSL G-Channel), and the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor on his master channel.

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