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Transparent Equalization – Linear Phase EQ

Nov 13, 2016 | 68,840 Views

Watch how to EQ your tracks without changing their basic sonic color using the Linear Phase EQ plugin, a transparent equalizer for mixing and mastering.

In this quick demo, audio engineer/musician Eric Tarr shows you to use this 5-band EQ on your master buss in order to:

  • Keep transients punchy and well-defined by avoiding phase distortion
  • Control your frequencies with precision without changing the track’s overall sonic qualities
  • Filter out low-frequency rumble from your tracks during the mastering stage

While ideal for mastering, Linear Phase EQ is also very useful for mixing transient-heavy instruments such as drums and other acoustic instruments, as well as various stereo sources such as L/R overheads and other stereo-miked instruments: learn more.

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