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The Case of the Shrinking Live Mixing System (Solved!)

Jun 28, 2017

Manufactured for travelling FOH, monitor & broadcast engineers: New compact case system for the eMotion LV1 live mixer makes touring and setup effortless.

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One of the major advantages of the eMotion LV1 live software mixer – in addition to superior sound quality, convenient workflow, and the ability to mix easily with plugins – is its modular nature and compatibility with diverse hardware configurations. eMotion LV1 can run on any PC or Mac desktop, laptop or tablet, and connect to any SoundGrid®-compatible , I/O interface and DSP server.

KDMC Pro Audio, a certified Waves dealer in Denmark, has taken advantage of this modularity, offering traveling live sound engineers an LV1 turn-key system, packaged entirely in a single ATA flight/road-ready case.

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The LV1 case holds a dual 23’’mutli-touch screen setup

This LV1 system makes it easier than ever to take your full mixing system from your home to the hotel, to the tour bus, on a flight, or to the venue and back.

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Steel hinge design allows easy adjustment and quick, compact packing

In this system, KDMC Pro Audio has condensed all the necessary items into one portable package. Weighing in at just 59 lbs (27 kg), the system includes two touchscreen monitors, a PC, and all cabling. You can effortlessly carry and wheel your console from gig to gig, as well as easily assemble and pack your entire setup at the venue all by yourself. No console out there is as sonically powerful and portable.

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CAD design provided courtesy of KDMC Pro Audio Distributor, DK

KDMC’s eMotion LV1 system features:

  • Two 23” touchscreen monitors
  • PC with Windows 10
  • Keyboard + Trackball

All are packaged in an ATA flight/road-ready case featuring:

  • Telescopic handle
  • Stackable ball corners
  • Double anchor industrial rivets
  • Recessed Corner Wheels
  • Recessed industrial latches
  • Vinyl laminated plywood construction
  • Fully foamed interior
  • Removable shallow base lid

For further details, contact KDMC Pro Audio.