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The Art of Lofi Beatmaking

Join producers Focus… and Iman Omari as they explore the past and future of lofi
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Get Your Retro Vibes Straight from the Source


Join producers Focus... (Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak) and Iman Omari (Kendrick Lamar) as they explore the past and future of lofi, from the early days of 4-track cassette demos and vinyl sampling, all the way to lofi beatmaking in your DAW today.

The Art of Lofi

  • Original Lofi Beatmaking

    Vinyl, a 4-track cassette recorder, and an MPC. Watch as Focus… and Iman go back to the early days of lofi hop hop and create a track using nothing but original old-school analog beatmaking techniques: Watch now

  • Mixing with Depth: The Gear

    Watch how Focus… and Iman create the same original lofi tones, textures and techniques in their DAW with the Retro Fi plugin: Watch now