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Kick drum

In this deep dive SSL EV2 tutorial, learn how to mix drums, basses, guitars and vocals using the legendary SSL 4000 E EQ colors, punchy dynamics, input drive characteristics and stereo imaging - knob-by-knob.

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The kick drum sound in today’s music is more important than ever, whether in rock, hip hop or EDM. The essential Quick BD StudioRack preset gets you the perfect kick tone fast – in just three controls.

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Sidechain compression is a top production technique in dance music, but sidechaining can be a difficult effect to master. Learn 5 top sidechain compression workflows to help you understand how sidechain compression works and how to get the most from its creative workflow effects.

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Producer/mixer Sean Divine demonstrates how to create a kick drum that has power and definition, despite competing 808 bass frequencies—all in 6 simple steps.

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