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Dweezil Zappa

Mega musician Dweezil Zappa recently released his album Live in the Moment II. Learn how his new workflow with the eMotion LV1 mixer allowed the quickest, best-sounding route from live concert to finished album.

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Watch how master musician Dweezil Zappa gets the live sound he wants using the LV1 mixing console, and how it helps his band play at the top of their game.

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In this video, FOH road warrior Glynn Wood talks about using Waves plugins for Zappa Plays Zappa. Glynn discusses the transition from analog to digital mixing, all the while keeping things as Zappa-like as possible.

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In this video, Dweezil Zappa demonstrates how he uses tools from the Studio Classic Collection to mix a live recording of "Zappa Plays Zappa", bringing the music and legacy of his father, Frank Zappa to the 21st century.

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