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Waves V11— Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on: 10/11/2021 4:00:00 AM

This page refers to a previously released version. You can still install and use V11 software with V11 and higher licenses.

  • See the V14 FAQ for more information on V14.
  • See the V13 FAQ for more information on V13.
  • See the V12 FAQ for more information on V12.

We know that a major update always raises many questions, so here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new Waves V11 plugin update. Click on each of the questions below to reveal the answer.

Is my setup compatible with V11?

Will V11 work in Waves applications (SuperRack, MultiRack, eMotion LV1, StudioRack, SoundGrid Studio)?

Do I have to update to V11?

How do I update my plugins to V11?

I want to update my plugins to V11 but my Waves Update Plan has expired. What should I do?

Will using the new version of Waves Central (V11) automatically update my existing V9 or V10 Waves software?

I've just purchased a new plugin license or upgraded to a bundle: do I have to pay to update that plugin or bundle to V11?

I'm trying to install my plugins but can't find them in Waves Central. Where are they?

I have V11 licenses, but my system is only compatible with an earlier Waves version. What can I do?

Can I run multiple plugin versions on the same system?

Should I uninstall my Waves V9 or V10 plugins?

I'm not yet ready to update to V11. How do I install my V9/V10 plugins?

I still have some V9/V10 products. How can I move my V9/V10 licenses?

Can I create an offline installer for my V9/V10 products using the latest version of Waves Central?

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