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Waves V10 — Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on: 6/12/2022 1:04:52 PM

This page refers to a previously released version. You can still install and use V10 software with V10 and higher licenses.

  • See the V14 FAQ for more information on V14.
  • See the V13 FAQ for more information on V13.
  • See the V12 FAQ for more information on V12.
  • See the V11 FAQ for more information on V11.

We know that a new major update always raises many questions, so we've created a collection of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new Waves v10 across-the-board update. Click on each of the questions below to reveal the answer.

Do I have to update to V10?

How do I update my plugins to V10?

I want to update my plugins to V10 but my Waves Update Plan has expired. What can I do?

I'm trying to install my plugins but can't find them in Waves Central. Where are they?

Is my setup compatible with V10?

I have V10 licenses but my system is only compatible with V9. What can I do?

All my SoundGrid applications are V9. Will V10 plugins work?

Can I run multiple plugin versions on the same system?

Should I uninstall V9?

I'm not yet ready to update to V10. How do I install my V9 plugins?

I still have some V9 products. How can I move my V9 licenses?

Can I create an offline installer for my V9 products using the latest version of Waves Central?

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