Waves Update Plan

Last updated on: 6/8/2021 7:18:46 AM

The Waves Update Plan is the complete care plan for your Waves products.

Every new purchase or upgrade of any Waves product includes one year of free Waves Update Plan coverage for that product. Once the plan expires, renew it for another year whenever you want. If you don’t wish to renew, the plugins you own will remain yours as before, but you will not enjoy plugin updates, 2nd licenses, or the other benefits of the plan.

The cost for one year of Waves Update Plan coverage depends on the number of products you own and their prices. Updating coverage per year ranges between $12 and $240 if you own one copy of each product.

  • Plugin Updates

    Plugin Updates

    Enjoy new plugin updates and ongoing compatibility with your DAW, OS & hardware

  • Bonus 2nd Licenses

    NEW: Free 2nd license option

    Get second licenses for your covered plugins and bundles, for use on different devices.*

  • VIP Tech Support

    VIP Tech Support

    Receive personal technical guidance from Waves experts

  • New Plugins Added

    New Plugins Added

    Receive all plugins added to your bundle since you bought it and during coverage**

  • Exclusive Premium Content

    NEW: Exclusive Premium Content

    Get access to premium music production & mixing masterclasses****

  • Waves Voucher

    Waves Voucher

    Get a voucher good towards any Waves software purchase***

Premium Masterclass Young Guru

Exclusive for Waves Update Plan members: 35% off any of Mix With The Masters' video-on-demand masterclasses, featuring Chris Lord-Alge, Andy Wallace, Andrew Scheps, Jaycen Joshua, Dave Pensado & more. If you have products currently covered by the Waves Update Plan, you will receive your Mix With the Masters discount by email. Please note: This benefit applies to Mix With The Masters’ VOD videos only, not to Mix With The Masters subscriptions.

Important to Know

* eMotion LV1, SuperRack, MultiRack, SoundGrid Rack for Venue, SoundGrid Studio and all Waves Subscriptions are excluded from the 2nd license benefit. Your 2nd license for a product remains valid only as long as your Waves Update Plan for that product remains current; the 2nd license will expire when your Waves Update Plan for that product expires. The 2nd license is for use by the owner of the main product license only. See all 2nd license terms & conditions.

** The Abbey Road Collection is excluded from the “New Plugins Added” benefit. Waves Update Plan coverage will NOT add newly released plugins to this bundle.

*** For every dollar you spend on a renewed Waves Update Plan, you will receive a Waves voucher for the same amount. This voucher may be redeemed for up to 50% toward any bundle, application (e.g. MultiRack, eMotion LV1), or upgrade, or up to 25% toward any plugin, off the price at the time of redemption. The voucher may not be combined with multiple plugin discounts. The voucher cannot be used toward hardware, hardware/software combos, subscriptions (including 5-Pack), courses, the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin, or Waves Update Plan coverage. The voucher can be used for one order only and does not carry a remaining balance. Multiple vouchers may not be combined.

**** Waves Premium Masterclasses are available only to owners of purchased products covered by the Waves Update Plan, or for plugin owners with a paid Waves Update Plan renewal on their free products.


Your Bundle Just Got Bigger

Over the past few years, Waves has added many new plugins to selected bundles. Under the Waves Update Plan, you receive these plugins at no additional cost.

Click the bundles below to find out which plugins were added.

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