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Waves Stream Troubleshooting Guide

Mar 26, 2024

If you encounter difficulties when streaming or receiving audio using Waves Stream, follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide:

  • General

    • Can I stream audio via Waves Stream without the plugins and a DAW?

      To send audio using Waves Stream, you must have the Waves Stream plugin running on your DAW, with an active subscription. Waves Stream is available either on its own as a monthly or annual subscription, or as part of Waves Creative Creative (Ultimate or Essential) subscriptions.

      To receive audio sent by someone else using Waves Stream, you do not need the plugins or a subscription: you can listen to the audio for free via your web browser, using the link sent to you by the person sharing the audio. (However, if you do have a Waves Stream license, you can also listen via the Waves Stream Receive plugin.)

    • Problems Receiving a Stream

      Ensure that you have correctly copied and pasted the streaming link sent by the sender. This is always the first thing to check. If you copied and pasted it, make sure there are no spaces or rogue symbols before or after the official Waves Stream link.

      If that doesn’t work, ask the sender to make sure they are still using the same stream link. Also pay attention to the status messages at the bottom of the player to help identify any possible issue.

    • Can a VPN Service Affect audio streams?

      While VPNs are great for privacy, they can slow down video and audio experiences. In the case of audio streaming, this means:

      • Longer travel time (increased latency): It takes longer for the audio data to travel back and forth, which can lead to delays or lag in your audio stream.
      • More traffic jams (bandwidth issues): The detour route might not be as fast or wide as the direct highway, so your audio data can't travel as quickly as it normally would.

      Using a VPN can be like taking a longer, more crowded route to your destination. While it offers privacy benefits, it can slow down your internet speed and affect the quality of your audio streaming, making real-time collaboration more challenging.

  • Web Player Audio Issues

    • Audio-related Issues

      If you can’t hear anything, try the following steps:

      1. Unmute in the Waves Stream Web Player or Receive Plugin: Hit the large button in the middle of the web player or the Receive plugin, in order to unmute the audio signal.
      2. Check Audio Meters: Make sure the meters are moving, indicating audio is being sent by the Sender.
      3. Check Browser Settings: Ensure audio playback is enabled in your browser settings.
      4. Browser Tab Audio: Double-check that the browser tab with the Waves Stream link is not muted.
      5. Volume Control: Verify that the volume on both the audio player and the system is turned up.
      6. Browser Compatibility: Double-check that the browser you are using is compatible with Waves Stream.
      7. Stable Internet Connection: Check that your internet connection is stable. A poor internet connection can disrupt audio streaming.
      8. Audio Output Settings: Check the audio output settings to ensure the sound isn't being sent to an unintended device.
      9. Conflicting Plugins/Extensions: Browser plugins or extensions can interfere with audio playback. Try to disable any such plugins or extensions one by one and see if the issue persists.
      10. Check Firewall/Antivirus Software: These can sometimes block audio streams.
      11. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies from the Browser settings window: This can help resolve playback issues due to corrupted data.
      12. JavaScript/HTML5 Issues: Ensure these protocols are functioning properly in the browser for audio playback.
    • Trouble With Streaming on Mobile Devices via Web Player

      If you are experiencing issues with streaming using the Waves Stream web player on a mobile device:

      1. Double-check that the browser you are using is compatible with Waves Stream.
      2. If you are facing streaming difficulties, check the strength of your mobile data reception or Wi-Fi signal. A weak signal can lead to poor streaming quality or interruptions. For optimal performance, try to connect to a stable and strong Wi-Fi network.
      3. Additionally, keep your browser up to date to ensure compatibility and optimal functionality with the Waves Stream web player.
      4. Audio may stop playing when the device screen is locked. Workaround: Minimize the browser’s tab, then lock the screen.
  • Plugin Issues

    • No Sound While Listening to Stream in Plugin

      If you have set everything up but cannot hear any sound:

      1. Make sure that you have unmuted the plugin’s audio. Remember that all streams start muted (we do this in order to give the listener full control over when to start listening).
      2. Check your DAW playback settings.
      3. Check that the track or bus on which you have the Waves Stream Receive plugin is sending audio to your master output.
    • Interrupted or Choppy Audio Stream

      If audio is cutting out or sounds distorted:

      1. This could be due to a weak internet connection. Check your internet speed, and if possible, switch to a wired connection for more stability. Close any unnecessary applications or browser tabs that might be using bandwidth.
      2. Try switching from Collab mode to Stream mode.
    • Difficulty Connecting to the Stream
      1. If you are having trouble connecting to a stream or if the connection keeps dropping, make sure that both parties are using the correct session link and that you both have an internet connection that is stable.
      2. Restart the Waves Stream plugins on both sides of the connection. If the problem persists, ask the sender to send a new Stream key.
    • The Waves Stream Send and Receive Plugins Show ‘Demo Mode’

      If you cannot use the Waves Stream ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ plugins because they say they are in Demo mode, refer to the Plugins Appear in Demo Mode Although My License is Activated article and follow the steps.

      Waves Stream is available on its own as a standalone subscription, and is also included in the larger Waves Creative Access (Ultimate and Essential) subscriptions. If you are subscribed, make sure that your licenses are activated to the computer you are using in Waves Central.

    • I Cannot Set Up or Control the Mic Feature

      To make Waves Stream’s ‘Mic’ feature available, you need to sidechain your mic input track to the Waves Stream Send plugin.

      If ‘Mic’ is grayed out, make sure you have sidechained a track to the Waves Stream Send plugin. Once the sidechain is set up, you will be able to control the Mic section.

    • The ‘Mic’ Feature Is Not Grayed Out in Logic Pro X Though Not in Use

      In Logic Pro X, the ‘Mic’ feature is never grayed out, even when you do not have a channel sidechained to Waves Stream. This is normal behavior.

      If ‘Mic’ is grayed out, make sure you have sidechained a track to the Waves Stream Send plugin. Once the sidechain is set up, you will be able to control the Mic section.

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