Waves Upgrades

Last updated on: 5/8/2019 7:33:01 AM

Waves understands that your career develops and your needs expand. You want to get a larger Waves bundle with more tools – but you don’t want to pay all over again for the plugins you already own. Take advantage of our online upgrade wizard and get personalized offers tailored to your needs.

  • Instant Online Upgrades

    Instantly upgrade your products to a bigger Waves plugin bundle using our online upgrade wizard.

  • Don't Pay Twice

    Upgrade your Waves products to a more comprehensive bundle and get credit for products you already own.

  • Save Money

    Take advantage of sales and special promotions when you upgrade.*

  • Free Waves Update Plan

    When you upgrade, you will also receive free one-year Waves Update Plan coverage for your upgraded product, including all updates and VIP technical support.


Also available from your local Waves dealer.

* Some exceptions apply.

Please note: The Abbey Road Collection upgrade will add any current Abbey Road plugins missing in your account. This upgrade is only available to Waves Abbey Road plugin owners.

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