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SuperRack Knowledge Base

Technical Support & Resources
Get technical support and discover important resources for configuring and working with your SuperRack setup.
View the latest support notes for SuperRack troubleshooting
Review system requirements for your SuperRack setup
Find out what’s new, updated, and fixed for Waves releases
Get Started with Waves SuperRack
Learn how to get up and running with your SuperRack setup and start mixing live with plugins
SuperRack DiGiCo Integration Guidelines
Learn how to set up SuperRack with your DiGiCo console , basic routing, session management and more
SuperRack and DiGiCo: Tips & Features
Learn how to configure SuperRack with different consoles, snapshot integration, solo display insert and more
SuperRack Routing and Patching Options
Learn advanced patching and routing tips for your live Waves SuperRack setup
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