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SuperRack Knowledge Base

Oct 20, 2021

Technical Support & Resources

Get technical support and discover important resources for configuring and working with your SuperRack setup.


  • Getting Started with Waves SuperRack: In-Depth Tutorial

    Get Started with Waves SuperRack

    Learn how to get up and running with your SuperRack setup and start mixing live with plugins

  • SuperRack DiGiCo Integration Guidelines

    SuperRack DiGiCo Integration Guidelines

    Learn how to set up SuperRack with your DiGiCo console , basic routing, session management and more

  • SuperRack and DiGiCo: Tips & Features

    SuperRack and DiGiCo: Tips & Features

    Learn how to configure SuperRack with different consoles, snapshot integration, solo display insert and more

  • SuperRack Routing and Patching Options

    SuperRack Routing and Patching Options

    Learn advanced patching and routing tips for your live Waves SuperRack setup

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    Our Technical Support phone lines are open:
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