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SuperRack DiGiCo Integration Guidelines

May 18, 2022

Watch how to integrate the Waves SuperRack live plugin rack with your DiGiCo console setup, including basic routing, session management and system heath monitoring. Video with WavesLive product specialist Fabrizio Piazzini.

Start at the Setup page and assign a DiGiCo SD IO, two servers and add ‘Console Remote Control.’

In the ‘Console Remote Control’ window, select the relevant LAN port and assign the DiGiCo console. At this point SuperRack is remotely controlled by the console and a session will load.

Proceed to patch racks from and to the DiGiCo SD IO by using the ‘Autoroute’ function. Choosing the channel configuration (Mono/Stereo) is done by clicking the input section and selecting the relevant Mono or Stereo input.

Saving a session is handled by the console. When we save a session on the console it will save a session within the SuperRack computer, under the Integrated Sessions folder:

  1. Mac: /Users/Shared/Waves/SuperRack SoundGrid/Integrated Sessions
  2. Windows: C:\Users\Public\Waves Audio\SuperRack SoundGrid\Integrated Sessions

Loading a SuperRack session received from a client or third party is done by placing this session file in the Integrated Sessions folder. At this point we can load the session on the console and see that the corresponding session also loads in SuperRack.

We can check that the system is fully functional by routing a signal from the console through its Insert point, into SuperRack and back. We see the signal coming through SuperRack being processed by the Waves plugins.

On the console’s screen there are three system health indicators, all should be Green.

  1. Waves IO
  2. Waves Audio
  3. Waves Network

In SuperRack’s setup page we see that the DiGiCo SD IO is blue, the Remote Control is Green and both Servers are green as well.

In ‘Routing View’ we can see that no errors have been reported. As long as there are no red indicators on SuperRack’s top bar – we are good to go!

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Check out the SuperRack Knowledge Base for everything else you need to know using and setting up SuperRack.

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