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SuperRack and DiGiCo: Tips & Features

May 18, 2022

Watch tips for using the SuperRack live plugin rack with your DiGiCo console, including how to configure the same SuperRack computer with different consoles, snapshot integration, solo display inserts, and using Touch-Turn for SuperRack control. Video with WavesLive product specialist Fabrizio Piazzini.

When touring, we usually take our SuperRack computer along with us, but the console will often change from venue to venue.

In these cases, we need to configure the console that is currently connected to the network, by re-assigning the console in the Remote Control window of SuperRack.

To start fresh with an empty session:

  1. In DiGiCo, go to Files > Session Structure
  2. Select ‘Default all’ which will select ‘Clear Waves
  3. Press ’Restructure’.

SuperRack will create a new empty session as well. Saving the session on DiGiCo will save the session in SuperRack.

  1. DiGiCo ‘.SES’ session files are saved in D:\Projects on the console
  2. Integrated ‘.sprk’ session files are saved on the SuperRack host computer in the following location:
    • Mac: /Users/Shared/Waves/SuperRack SoundGrid/Integrated Sessions
    • Win: C:\Users\Public\Waves Audio\SuperRack SoundGrid\Integrated Sessions

Make sure that the DiGiCo and SuperRack sessions that we wish to load have identical names.

Remote integration also offers great features such as:

  1. Snapshot integration: adding or recalling a snapshot on the console will create or recall a corresponding snapshot in SuperRack.
  2. Solo Display Inserts: When hitting solo on the console, the relevant channel/rack in SuperRack will be displayed as well.
  3. Touch-Turn control: DiGiCo’s ‘Touch-Turn’ knob can be used to control selected commands in SuperRack bu turning as a knob or by pressing (as a button).

For more in-depth information refer to our DiGiCo Remote Control Integration and Mirroring article.

For more info on setting up SuperRack with DiGiCo, watch these videos:

  1. SuperRack DiGiCo Integration Guidelines
  2. SuperRack Routing and Patching Options

Check out the SuperRack Knowledge Base for everything else you need to know using and setting up SuperRack.

Need more help? Contact Waves Technical Support.