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SoundGrid Rack for VENUE – Support Notes

Last updated on: 11/14/2022 4:01:33 AM

This page presents existing issues, some with workarounds, that we are working to solve in Waves SoundGrid Rack for VENUE. It also summarizes key improvements and main issues solved in SoundGrid Rack for VENUE. We will update this page on an ongoing basis as more issues are solved.

We encourage you to contact Waves Live Support and report any issue you may encounter.

Table of Contents:

Console Compatibility

  • SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V14 is compatible with VENUE and above.
  • SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V10 is compatible with VENUE 6.1–7.0.
  • SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V9 is compatible with VENUE 5.7–6.0.
  • Running Waves on VENUE 7.1 requires your S6L console to have 8GB of RAM.
  • The console must be equipped with two AVB cards on the back of its engine.
  • ~5GB of hard disk space is required to successfully install all supported Waves plugins on the console.
  • Find Installation, Activation and Update Instructions for all SG Rack for VENUE versions.

Plugin Compatibility

  • SoundGrid Rack for VENUE V14 is compatible with Waves V14 and V13 plugins only.
  • Virtual Instrument plugins (VSTi) are not supported.
  • Surround plugins are not supported.
  • The following plugins are not supported (not SoundGrid-compatible):
    • Clarity Vx
    • Clarity Vx Pro
    • DeBreath
    • Dugan Automixer
    • Dugan Speech
    • GTR3 ToolRack
    • L3-16 Multimaximizer
    • MetaFilter
    • OneKnob Pumper
    • SoundShifter
    • StudioRack
    • UltraPitch
    • Waves Tune
    • Waves Tune LT
    • Z-Noise

Server Compatibility

General SoundGrid Network Notes

  • SoundGrid is a ‘private’ network: in order to have a clean network stream, the SoundGrid network should not be used to run any non-SoundGrid applications. Using non-SoundGrid protocols on the same network that carries SoundGrid audio might result in audio drops, application freezes, and other unexpected results.

Known Issues

  • After installing V14, the WaveShell AAX V10 file may still show up as ‘installed' in the consoles 'installed plugins’ list. This is a visual misrepresentation and will not affect functionality at all. To remove the from the list, right click > Uninstall.
  • Updating a generation 9 (X9) server’s firmware version from V10 to the latest version may result in an error message.
    Workaround: Refer to this support article.
  • If you experience audio artifacts while using more than 110 voices in SoundGrid Rack for VENUE, increase the buffer size to 112 (within the rack Inventory).
  • Changing configurations in a Star configuration with I/O Sharing of 3 or more S6L consoles (Network Storm), will disconnect the SoundGrid network and not reconnect automatically.
    Workaround: Click the ‘Use Racks’ button (in the popup menu at the bottom left).
  • GTR Stomps, Scheps Omni Channel: Switching plugins inserted within these plugins via snapshots will not work. Stationary settings are supported and will load and changes between snapshots.
  • Plugins’ gain reduction meters are not mapped to VENUE meters.
  • Control mappings of any plugins loaded after CLA Mixhub, will be disabled, as CLA MixHub reserves a large number of controls.
    Workaround: Insert CLA MixHub as the last plugin in your SoundGrid Rack for VENUE.

Issues Fixed in v14

  • Bug causing the SoundGrid inventory to display an ‘incompatible devices’ message after SoundGrid Rack for VENUE is installed and the console is restarted – Fixed in V14.
  • Bug muting SoundGrid Racks for VENUE instances after the WSG HD is updated via the SG Inventory – Fixed in V14.
  • Bug causing the ‘Voices’ Meter (in the SoundGrid Inventory for VENUE) to display correct values only when the inventory is in focus – Fixed in V14.

SoundGrid Rack for Venue V10

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