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Review Creation Guidelines

Jul 20, 2020

We at Waves value your input. Your feedback about our products, shopping experience and services will help future shoppers make better decisions and enable us to improve our products and service.

Who may write a review?

  1. Verified buyers: Customers who purchased a product and received an email with a request to review.
  2. Verified reviewers: Customers who submitted their reviews after verification via their social media profiles or e-mail addresses.

Once a review is submitted, it will go through a moderation process before being published.

How to write a helpful review:

  1. Tell us why: Reviews that specify not only whether or not you liked a products or services but also why tend to be the most helpful.
  2. Be relevant and specific: Focus on specific product features or on your overall shopping experience. Writing reviews about a product you don’t own or don’t know how to use will not be helpful to others.
  3. Be Concise: The optimal length for reviews is between 75 and 500 words. Reviews of this length tend to be the most helpful to other users.
  4. Be Sincere: Waves values honest reviews. We will publish reviews that are critical about our products or services.
  5. Support Requests: If you have support issues, please do not submit them as a review. Instead, contact Waves support.

Please note: We accept reviews in English only.

Waves reserves the right to reject any reviews that express violent or hateful views towards religion, race, gender, sexual preference, nationality or personal beliefs, as well as general profanity. Reviews may not contain obscenities, addresses, contact info, information about promotions and sales, or any information not related to the nature of the product. Reviews may not encourage or support illegal behavior.

Waves reserves the right to use reviews or excerpts from reviews for marketing purposes, for example in product pages, newsletters, ads, etc.