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Last updated on: 8/10/2016 10:02:54 AM

When you purchase software at, your serial number is automatically registered to your Waves account. You can then instantly Install & Activate your product.

When you purchase products from your local dealer, you must register the serial number to your Waves account in order to start using your product.

The serial number (also called license number) can be found in any of three locations:

  • In an envelope containing the registration form.
  • On your purchase invoice.
  • In an email from your dealer.
  • Hardware: On the bottom of the hardware unit.

The serial number is in one of three formats:

  • 12345ABCDE1234
  • D56F6DED327C9778E8A97387775773EE
  • D5CA67B2-410F-4700-98F7-E3E40A5AC66F

If you cannot find your serial number, please contact your dealer.

Register Serial Number

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