How to Pitch Vocals with Keys: Waves Tune Real-Time in MultiRack

Last updated on: 12/31/2019 10:11:22 AM

Learn how to connect a MIDI keyboard and play the pitch of Vocals with Waves Tune Real-Time in MultiRack SoundGrid.

Important Note: Currently, this feature is not available with the latest V9 server firmware provided in MultiRack.
This issue will be fixed.

In the meantime, if you wish to use this feature, please contact technical support to install an earlier firmware version.

Shopping list:

Connect a MIDI keyboard to play the pitch of your Vocals in Tune Real-Time

  1. Connect your SoundGrid Server, IO and Computer to the network switch and power on.
  2. Launch the SoundGrid Driver > Launch the SoundGrid Driver control panel and choose the SoundGrid LAN port.
  3. Launch MultiRack SoundGrid.
  4. Set Inventory and Connections. A SoundGrid Server must be assigned for this feature to work.
  5. Go to Preferences > MIDI tab > under Input select your MIDI keyboard, Apply and close.
  6. A blue MIDI input will display in MultiRack’s top toolbar when notes are played.
  7. Load a new rack, load Tune Real-Time
  8. Load your preset or set controls as desired.
  9. Engage “Target Pitch”.
  10. Play your keyboard, it will control the tuning of Tune RT.

Please note: Target Pitch and Piano roll of Waves Tune RT can only receive and correct monophonic midi notes, so… you can only play one note at a time and cannot play chords.

Record MIDI in your host application and play it back in to Tune RT*:

  1. Record MIDI notes to a MIDI track in your host application.
  2. Set the MIDI track’s output to ‘Waves SoundGrid / SG Device IO’ **
  3. Play back MIDI from your host application, it will control the pitch correction of Waves Tune Real-Time.
    This is especially helpful if you are playing back tracks from the same host application, you can tune your vocal either precisely or creatively with this MIDI notation.

* This feature is only available on Mac systems.
** In Ableton Live, you will need to go to preferences > MIDI > Output: SG Device IO > track ON, then select SG Device IO as the channel output

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