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How to Pitch Vocals with Keys: Waves Tune Real-Time in MultiRack

Oct 11, 2021

Learn how to connect a MIDI keyboard and play the pitch of Vocals with Waves Tune Real-Time in MultiRack SoundGrid.

Important Notes:

  • The last Waves plugin version supported in MultiRack is v10.
  • This feature is not currently available in the MultiRack or SuperRack applications.

Shopping list:

Connect a MIDI keyboard to play the pitch of your Vocals in Tune Real-Time

  1. Connect your SoundGrid Server, IO and Computer to the network switch and power on.
  2. Launch the SoundGrid Driver > Launch the SoundGrid Driver control panel and choose the SoundGrid LAN port.
  3. Launch MultiRack SoundGrid.
  4. Set Inventory and Connections. A SoundGrid Server must be assigned for this feature to work.
  5. Go to Preferences > MIDI tab > under Input select your MIDI keyboard, Apply and close.
  6. A blue MIDI input will display in MultiRack’s top toolbar when notes are played.
  7. Load a new rack, load Tune Real-Time
  8. Load your preset or set controls as desired.
  9. Engage “Target Pitch”.
  10. Play your keyboard, it will control the tuning of Tune RT.

Please note: Target Pitch and Piano roll of Waves Tune RT can only receive and correct monophonic midi notes, so… you can only play one note at a time and cannot play chords.

Record MIDI in your host application and play it back in to Tune RT*:

  1. Record MIDI notes to a MIDI track in your host application.
  2. Set the MIDI track’s output to ‘Waves SoundGrid / SG Device IO’ **
  3. Play back MIDI from your host application, it will control the pitch correction of Waves Tune Real-Time.
    This is especially helpful if you are playing back tracks from the same host application, you can tune your vocal either precisely or creatively with this MIDI notation.

* This feature is only available on Mac systems.
** In Ableton Live, you will need to go to preferences > MIDI > Output: SG Device IO > track ON, then select SG Device IO as the channel output