Install & Activate SoundGrid Rack for VENUE on Avid S6L

Last updated on: 3/26/2018 8:47:20 AM

Software installation requires a computer that’s connected to the internet. As part of the process, you’ll download an offline installer with which you can install Waves Central, all software, and licenses to the VENUE console.

Fresh Install

A fresh install means that no Waves software is installed on VENUE. To install SoundGrid Inventory, SoundGrid Rack, and Waves plugins to VENUE, you must download an offline installer using a computer that’s connected to the internet (not the VENUE computer).

Do this in the computer that’s connected to the internet:

  1. Download the Waves Central application to the online computer.
  2. Launch Waves Central.
  3. Go to “Licenses/Manage Licenses.” Select the “SoundGrid Rack for VENUE” license, along with the licenses for your Waves bundles/plugins and send them to your USB flash drive.
  4. Go to the Waves VENUE downloads page and download the dedicated offline installer for VENUE S6L.
  5. On a computer running Windows, unzip the file and copy the Waves folder directly to the root of the USB flash drive.


Do this in the VENUE console:

  1. Plug the USB flash drive into the S6L.
  2. Go to “Option/System.”
  3. Enter the CONFIG mode and press “Update.”
  4. Choose “Install Waves Central.” This action copies and installs Waves Central from the offline installer. When installation is complete, you can proceed directly to Waves Central. If you cancelled Auto Launch, choose “Launch Waves Central” from the Settings panel.
  5. Once installed, go to “Option/Devices/Network Cards/Waves WSG-HD/Settings.”
  6. In Waves Central, select “Offline Installer.”
  7. Navigate to the Waves folder on your USB flash drive and select “Folder.”
  8. From the product list, choose “SoundGrid Rack for VENUE” and all of the bundles/plugins you wish to Install.

    Note: If the console is connected to the internet, you can choose to move licenses to the console. If you perform a Restore, these licenses will be deleted. You will need to reactivate them.

    Once installation is complete, restart the console.
  9. In VENUE, go to Options/Plugins, select “WaveShell SoundGrid Rack,” and choose “Install.”

Note: VENUE does not display individual Waves plugins. Instead it indicates “WaveShellSoundGridRack-AAX.”

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