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How to Use WSG Dante Bridge with V13 SoundGrid Apps and Above

Mar 26, 2023

Learn how to update the Hear Technologies WSG Bridge for Dante firmware in order to run it with SoundGrid applications V13 and above.

Here's how:

  1. Quit your SoundGrid application/s.
  2. Download WSG Bridge Firmware from Hear Tech and extract the zipped file.
  3. With the WSG bridge front power switch on, connect the bridge to your computer (Windows or Mac) via USB.
    The USB port on the Bridge is near the HBUS output on the Main Card.
    • Windows: A new hardware pop up will appear, WSG Bridge. This is a storage device, including the firmware file ofile.rbf.
    • macOS: A new drive will appear on your desktop titled HB Pro, including the firmware file ofile.rbf.
  4. Locate the existing file named ofile.rbf and rename it “ofile.old”.
  5. Drag the new ofile.rbf file from the extracted folder into WSG Bridge (win) or HB Pro drive (macOS).
  6. In the same location, delete the file named ofile.bak.
    This file is a backup of the last firmware that loaded successfully. If the new ofile.rbf fails to load, it will revert to the old backup copy. Since the firmware is being updated, it is necessary to remove this file. In the event of a boot failure LED B or C will light up on the back of the Bridge. If this happens, repeat the steps above.
  7. Power down the bridge
  8. Wait 3 seconds and power the bridge back up.
  9. Update the Waves card firmware in the Dante bridge
    • Launch Waves Central
    • In the ‘Install Products' page, access 'All Products’ tab
    • In the top search bar type ‘Hear’
    • Select ‘Hear Tech SG Bridge Driver’ for installation
    • Click Install and let the installation complete
    • Launch your SoundGrid app and go to the inventory page
    • Assign the Dante bridge
    • Click on the FW button to update the firmware of the Waves card in the Dante bridge
    • Restart the WSG Dante bridge

None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.