SG Connect: How to Use a SoundGrid Server with a Non-SoundGrid I/O

Last updated on: 11/12/2018 8:38:51 AM

To offload plugin processing from your computer’s CPU to a SoundGrid server when using a non-SoundGrid audio interface, follow the steps in this page.

Please note:
  • Your audio interface must have ASIO/Core Audio drivers supporting multi-client operation and 44.1–96 kHz sample rate. Verify this with the audio interface’s user manual/manufacturer.
  • Buffer sizes larger than 2048 are not supported. Some buffer sizes that are not in common intervals are not supported.

Hardware Connections

  1. Connect your audio interface to your computer as usual and make sure it’s turned on.
  2. Using a Supported Ethernet cable, connect your SoundGrid server to your computer’s Ethernet port, and make sure it’s turned on.

SoundGrid Studio Configuration

  1. The latest version of the free SoundGrid Studio Application is required. Please make sure that it is installed on your computer and that its license is activated.
  2. Launch the SoundGrid Studio Application.
  3. Go to SETUP (top) > System Inventory (left).
  4. From the LAN drop-down menu, select the network port to which the server is connected.
  5. Assign your audio interface to an empty slot in “Rack A – Hardware I/O Devices” (will appear in the Local Devices drop-down menu). Your computer will be automatically assigned to “Rack B – Software I/O Devices”.
  6. Assign your server to the first slot in the Servers rack.

DAW Configuration

  1. Launch your DAW.
  2. Select your audio interface’s driver as the playback engine (“Windows built-in” must use ASIO4ALL).
  3. Configure your host application’s outputs as necessary.
  4. Insert StudioRack on channels that will offload processing to the SoundGrid server.
Please note: Many DAWs support StudioRack and SoundGrid processing, but some do not. View all StudioRack-compatible DAWs (Tech Specs > Supported Hosts tab).

StudioRack Configuration

  1. Open the StudioRack user interface.
  2. Under Processing, select Switch to SG.
  3. Insert up to eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins to the available slots of each StudioRack.

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