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How to Use the OVox vocoder on instruments in Pro Tools

Last updated on: 4/16/2020 2:14:43 PM

Learn how to set up and use the Waves OVox vocal synthesis / vocoder plugin on other instruments in Pro Tools, to achieve effects such as a Guitar Vocoder, Bass Vocoder and more.

  1. Create a new audio track, and record or import your vocal signal (this will be the modulator).
    Create a new audio
  2. Search for OVox in your insert plugin list, and open it on the audio track.
    Create a new audio
  3. Open another track, and record or import your instrument signal (this will be your carrier).
    Create a new audio
  4. Route the second audio track output to a bus.
    Create a new audio

    It should look like this:
    Create a new audio
  5. Open OVox and set ‘Key Input’ to the same instrument output bus.
    Create a new audio
  6. Set ‘Synth’ to ‘Sidechain.’
    Create a new audio
  7. Play audio from both tracks simultaneously to achieve vocal synthesis / vocoder effects. If needed, use the Drive control to add more harmonics to the carrier and get more intelligible results.

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