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How to Update Waves Applications to the Latest Version

Mar 26, 2023

Learn how to update your eMotion LV1, SuperRack and SoundGrid Studio licenses and software to the latest Version.

If your SoundGrid Application license is V14:
  1. Launch Waves Central and log in. (Download Central here, if you do not have it installed yet).
  2. The Updates Available button will appear at the top of the screen, free software updates are available for your existing software version.
  3. Click the Updates Available button. All products for which updates are available will be selected and shown in the list on the right, including your SoundGrid application.
  4. When ready, click Update
    This update only affects your software, not the license
If your SoundGrid application license is V13 or earlier:
  1. Ensure that your system supports Waves V14 applications: eMotion LV1 | SuperRack | SoundGrid Studio.
  2. If your application licenses are covered by the Waves Update Plan, update them to V14 for free. If your licenses are not covered by the Waves Update Plan, renew your coverage first, then update.
  3. Once your licenses are updated, install & activate your V14 application and plugin software:
    • Launch Waves Central and log in. (Download Central here, if you do not have it installed yet).
    • Click the Install Products page, and select the My Products tab to view the Waves applications for which you have a license.
    • Select the products you wish to install and review the selections in the Summary section.
    • Click Install and Activate.

By default, a license will be activated to the host computer’s hard drive. You can also choose to activate it to a USB flash drive. Use the Target Device for Licenses panel to select where you want to send the license.

Important! Waves V14 applications support V13-V14 plugins.
If your plugin licenses are of earlier versions, you will need to update them (Waves Update Plan required) to run them in Waves V14 applications.

Need any assistance? contact Technical Support.