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How to Update or Downgrade SoundGrid Server Firmware

Sep 04, 2022

Learn how to update or downgrade SoundGrid Server Firmware. This may be required when transferring a SoundGrid server from one setup to another, or when updating or downgrading your SoundGrid to match firmware and software versions.

In most cases, you can simply update the server’s firmware via the FW button on the server slot in the SoundGrid application inventory.

When the update is successful, the server will restart automatically and will reassign itself in its slot. At this point, it is ready for work.

If the update process fails, you may need to hold Shift+F on your keyboard and click the FW button to ‘force-update’.

In case you receive an error message that the “Storage Device is Missing” or that “No New FW Version is Available” during the firmware update or downgrade process, please follow these steps to resolve:

  1. Connect an empty USB drive to the server’s USB port.
  2. In your SoundGrid application’s inventory page, Hold Shift+F and click the FW button on the server slot to ‘force-update’ the server.
  3. Click update and choose the USB drive as the storage device.
  4. Once the update is complete the server will restart and boot from the USB drive.
  5. Once the server fully boots, disconnect the USB drive.
  6. Hold Shift+F and click the FW button on the server slot in the inventory to force-update the server again.
  7. The server will now load and work fine.

None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.