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How to Update the FIT Controller with latest Firmware

Nov 27, 2023

The instructions below apply to revision 1 FIT controllers that were shipped with v1.x.x firmware. Revision 2 units shipped with V2.x.x firmware cannot be downgraded to v1.x.x firmware. Please note that revision 2 firmware has the same functionality as the latest revision 1 firmware.

Learn how to update your Waves MidiPlus FIT controller’s firmware to the latest available version.

This firmware includes fader timing optimizations & general improvements.

  1. Make sure that your MidiPlus FIT is powered on and connected to your computer via USB.
  2. Quit eMotion LV1.
  3. Download the MidiPlus Updater for FIT: Windows | Mac
  4. Unzip the downloaded file.
  5. Launch the MIDIPlus_Updater app or exe file.
    Windows will prompt that this application is ‘unrecognized’.
    Simply click ‘More Info’ > Run anyway.
  6. Once launched, click Browse.
  7. Select the .dfu firmware file in the un-zipped folder (FIT_UP_V0.1.2.1_230713A).
  8. Click Update
  9. Once the update has finished, quit the updater.
  10. Power cycle the Waves MidiPlus FIT

Once the unit powers up, it will display the new firmware version and the relevant mode that FIT is currently on. To learn more about switching between different modes according to your needs, please refer to Page 3 of the FIT user guide. Note that HUI/Mackie modes are available since v1.1.6.

None of the above worked? Contact Waves Technical Support.