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How to Solve ‘Login Failed’ Error in Waves Central

Last updated on: 7/14/2022 12:32:00 PM

If you receive an error message ‘Login failed, please ensure your computer clock is set to correct date and time, then try to log in again’, follow these steps to solve this issue by syncing your computer’s date and time via your OS settings.

  1. Quit Waves Central
  2. Sync date and time
    • macOS

      1. Click the Apple Icon to access System Preferences > Date & Time
      2. Unlock the padlock (bottom left / password required)
      3. Check the box for Set date and time automatically to sync your Mac with the correct time and date for your Time Zone
      4. Lock the padlock
    • Windows 10 / 11

      1. Click the Windows key and type in Control Panel, click Enter
      2. In the Control Panel, under View by select Small Icons
      3. Go to Date & Time
      4. Under the Internet Time tab, click on Change Settings, then Update Now
      5. Click OK
  3. Once synced, launch Waves Central and log in.

Please note: If your computer is managed by corporate IT, you may not be able to change these settings on your own. In this case, please contact your IT personnel for further assistance.

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None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.

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