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How to Solve ‘Central has encountered a permissions issue’ Errors in Waves Central

Jul 14, 2022

Learn how to solve ‘Central has encountered a permissions issue’ errors in Waves Central, by disabling proxy settings.

If you are connected to the internet via proxy, temporarily disable it for the time you are using Waves Central. It does not affect plugin functionality in any way and can be re-enabled right after you are done with Waves Central.

  1. Quit Waves Central.
  2. Disable Proxy:
    • Windows:
      Go to Control Panel > Internet Options. On the Connections tab,
      Click the LAN Settings button and uncheck Use proxy server for your LAN.
    • Mac:
      Go to the System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies tab.
      Under Proxies, make sure nothing is checked in the list.
  3. Re-launch Waves Central and resume installation / license activation.
  4. Once done, if desired, you can re-enable Proxy settings.

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None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.