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How to set up your new Waves Combo

Last updated on: 3/22/2022 4:12:20 AM

These instructions will guide you through the process of connecting your Combo hardware and installing the latest software updates.

To proceed, you must first register your server at, all of the licenses included this combo will be registered along with the server.

Let’s start with physically connecting your devices:

  1. Connect all the included devices in your Combo package to a power source, using their respective power cables.
  2. Connect the SoundGrid I/O and SoundGrid Server to the network switch, using Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 S/FTP cables, and then power them up.
  3. Connect the Axis host computer’s dedicated SoundGrid port to the network switch via Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 S/FTP cables. Refer to your Axis computer user guide to identify the SoundGrid port.
  4. Connect your mouse and keyboard to the USB ports of the Axis host computer.
  5. Connect the secondary RJ45 LAN port to the internet (to a router or to an existing WAN) or via a WiFi dongle.
  6. Power up the Axis computer.

Important: Do not connect the SoundGrid switch to the internet!

eMotion LV1 setup

eMotion LV1 setup

SuperRack setup

SuperRack setup

Activating licenses and updating software:

*Please note that Waves Central, eMotion LV1, SuperRack, and Waves plugins are pre-installed on the computer.

  1. Once the Axis is up and running, launch Waves Central (Desktop > Waves Central). At first launch, Waves Central may perform an automatic update—this can take several minutes.
  2. Log in to Waves Central with your account credentials.
  3. Go to Licenses > My License Cloud and choose the license/s that you want to activate.
  4. Click Activate. This will activate the licenses for Waves software on your Axis computer
    *If you already have a USB key that stores your Waves licenses, you can skip this step. If you wish to activate your licenses to a USB key instead of the Axis, simply change the target device before activating, or move licenses to the USB key at a later time.
  5. If Updates Available appears at the top of the Waves Central screen, free software updates are available for your existing software version.
    • Updating to the latest version is recommended but not mandatory.
    • Click Update to install it.
    • Once finished, restart the computer.

Setting up SoundGrid:

All SoundGrid components included in this package should be connected to the included 1Gbps network switch via Cat 5e, 6 or 7 Ethernet cables. The Axis computer should connect to the SoundGrid network via the dedicated SoundGrid port.
Refer to your Axis computer user guide to identify the SoundGrid port.

Once devices are connected, powered up, and all software has been activated and updated, you can launch eMotion LV1 or SuperRack.

In the Setup > Inventory page of either application, select and assign the correct LAN port for the SoundGrid network.

  • Axis One: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I219-V
  • Axis Proton: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
  • Axis Scope: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I219-V

All devices connected to the SoundGrid network can now be assigned in eMotion LV1’s or SuperRack’s inventory page.

Some devices (I/Os and Server) may have a pending firmware update (Blue FW button).
A Red FW button indicates that the firmware must be updated for the device to function.

  1. Click the FW button in the device slot, then click Update.
  2. Once the FW update has finished, reboot the device.

At this point you should be ready to go!

To learn more, we encourage you to refer to the user guides of the software and hardware products in this Combo, and to visit to our eMotion LV1 / SuperRack Knowledge Base pages.

In addition, our Waves technical support team is available to assist you with any inquiry you might have. Contact Technical Support.

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