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How to set up SoundGrid Apps and Driver on M1 Macs

Last updated on: 4/17/2022 2:14:59 AM

Follow these important steps to install SoundGrid applications such as eMotion LV1, SuperRack, SoundGrid Studio, SoundGrid QRec and the SoundGrid Driver on M1 (ARM based) Mac computers.

Step 1: Update your SoundGrid application/s license/s to V13

M1 Support for SoundGrid applications was introduced with Version 13.
If your application or plugin licenses are covered by the Waves Update Plan, update them to V13 for free.
If your licenses are not covered by the Waves Update Plan, renew your coverage first, then update.

Once your licenses are in V13, proceed to step 2 below.

Step 2: Allow user management of kernel extensions

Before installing anything, we will need to set the Startup Security Utility to ‘Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers’.
This one-time process is necessary to run our SoundGrid driver in the new M1 infrastructure.

  1. Boot the M1 computer in Recovery mode (power it on with the power button pressed until the screen displays startup options.
  2. Select Options, select your user account and click Continue.
  3. Type in your macOS User Account password.
  4. In the top menu go to Utilities > Startup Security Utility.
  5. Select the system drive where the SG Driver will be installed and then select ‘Security Policy’.
  6. Select ‘Reduced Security’ and make sure that ‘Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers’ is checked below it.
  7. Click OK, restart your computer and proceed to Step 3 below.
Allow user management of kernel extensions

Step 3: Install the software

  1. Launch Waves Central and log in. (Download Central here, if you do not have it installed yet.)
  2. Click the Install Products page and select the My Products tab to view the Waves applications for which you have a license.
    • If you only need the SoundGrid driver on your machine, select All Products tab, click on the search bar and type in ASIO, then select SoundGrid V13 ASIO / Core Audio Rec/PB Driver.
    • Select the products you wish to install and review the selections in the Summary section.
  3. Click Install (for driver only) or Install and Activate (applications).
  4. Towards the end of the installation, a prompt will appear to allow a ‘Waves Inc’ System Extension, click Open Security Preferences.
    Install the software
    If you clicked OK and missed this step, no worries, launch System Preferences and go to Security & Privacy and continue with step 5.
  5. In the General Tab, look for an ‘Allow’ button in the right lower area.
    Click to open the padlock icon first and enter your administrator password, then click Allow on using the “Waves Inc” kernel extension.
    Security & Privacy
  6. Once the installation finished restart your computer.

Step 4: Launch your SoundGrid application

Launch eMotion Lv1, SuperRack, SoundGrid Studio and/or SoundGrid QRec via the dock icon or in Applications > Waves.

Currently, SoundGrid applications can run on M1 (ARM Based) mac computers, but only in the Rosetta emulator mode, which is selected automatically.

None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.

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