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How to Set up SoundGrid Apps and Driver on Apple Silicon Macs

Last updated on: 10/24/2022 8:51:07 AM

Follow these steps to update or install SoundGrid applications such as eMotion LV1, SuperRack, SoundGrid Studio, SoundGrid QRec and the SoundGrid Driver on Apple Silicon mac computers in Rosetta emulator mode, or Intel Mac computers.

On October 25, 2022, we released an update to all SoundGrid applications and the SoundGrid Driver. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, this update includes an important update to the SoundGrid Driver on macOS, to comply with Apple security requirements on Apple Silicon mac computers.

The latest V13 SoundGrid driver, works both in 'User Mode' and in 'Kernel Mode (depending on your computer's security policy settings). This means that reducing the computer's security is no longer required with Apple Silicon computers, as the driver simply works in 'User mode'.

Note that if your computer's security policy is already reduced, the SoundGrid driver will still work in 'Kernel' mode.

That said, If you are using the SoundGrid Driver with your Apple Silicon computer in 'User Mode' (with the computer’s security policy set to default), you may experience the following behavior:

Streaming audio in 96kHz from a media player or browser (i.e., YouTube, Spotify) into the SG network (without using a DAW) may result in audio drops and errors.
To avoid this, please reduce your security policy as instructed below, and use the SoundGrid Driver in Kernel mode.

Have a V13 license for your SoundGrid application/s? Update the software to version 13.x

Have V12 or below? Update your SoundGrid application/s license/s to V13

Use Kernel Driver with reduced Security Policy

For more info – refer to the SoundGrid Driver System Requirements.

None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.

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