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How to Set Up Your DAW to Toggle StudioRack Input and Playback Modes

Jun 01, 2021

In June 2024 we will release the next version of StudioRack, which will no longer support offloading plugin processing to a SoundGrid server via SoundGrid Studio: Learn more.

Learn how to seamlessly switch StudioRack between input and playback monitor modes. In Reaper and Bitwig Studio, this is done with a simple auto-sync setting. In DAWs such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Studio One, this is done by setting up HUI.

To use this feature, first set up a functioning SoundGrid network for real-time processing. For this, you will need a Soundgrid server, a SoundGrid audio interface, and StudioRack set up in your DAW. See setup instructions here.

Reaper & Bitwig Studio – Auto-Sync Playback/Input Selection

To enable this auto-sync option, select “Enable INP/PB Sync to DAW” in SoundGrid Studio’s Setup window.

This syncs your DAW’s monitor channel assignments and playback/input switching commands to any instance of StudioRack.

Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One & Other DAWs – Sync via HUI

With other DAWs, StudioRack uses a virtual HUI device to sync the DAW transport to StudioRack’s input/playback modes. This virutal device is installed automatically to your computer, but it must be connected manually to the DAW.

To enable this functionality and toggle between individual or grouped StudioRack Input and Playback modes, configure your DAW according to the instructions below:

Please note:

This feature is supported in most DAWs, but not in FL Studio and Ableton Live, where you will have to switch between Input and Playback Modes manually.

  1. Set up StudioRack groups and ‘Auto’ mode:

    Steps 1a and 1b below are also covered in How to Use SoundGrid Studio for Real-Time Monitoring & Plugin Offload. If you’ve already completed them, skip to step 2 below.
    1. In StudioRack, click ‘Group’ in order to group different StudioRack instances in different tracks. This way, toggling one StudioRack instance from Playback to Input mode (or vice versa) will similarly toggle all StudioRack instances assigned to the group. (For example, when recording drums, you will want all drum tracks to switch to Input together.)

    2. From StudioRack’s Playback menu, select ‘Auto’.

  2. Set up HUI in your DAW:

    1. Go to Studio > Studio Setup
    2. On the top let corner of the window, click the ‘+’ icon to add a device
    3. Choose Mackie HUI
    4. In the Mackie HUI window, assign MIDI Input and Output to Waves StudioRack
    Logic Pro
    1. Go to Logic Pro menu > Control Surfaces > Set Up
    2. On the upper left side of the window, click New and choose Install
    3. Choose Mackie Designs > HUI, then click Scan
    4. A prompt will appear, click Add Manually
    5. In the HUI device window, set Output Port and Input Port to StudioRack
    Pro Tools
    1. Go to Setup menu and select Peripherals
    2. Access MIDI Controllers tab and set the first available slot to HUI
    3. Set Receive From and Send To to Waves SoundGrid StudioRack
    4. Click ‘OK
    Studio One
    1. Go to Studio One menu > Preferences
    2. Click on External Devices tab
    3. Click Add to add a device
    4. Open the Mackie folder > choose HUI
    5. Set Send and Receive From to Waves SoundGrid StudioRack.
    6. Click ‘OK'.

For other DAWs, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual find where to select Mackie HUI as your MIDI Controller, and choose Waves SoundGrid StudioRack as the Mackie HUI Input and output devices.

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