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How to Scan Non-Waves VST3 Plugins in StudioRack

Last updated on: 8/14/2022 3:42:30 AM

Learn how to scan and find non-Waves VST3 plugins in Waves StudioRack V14 and above.

  1. Verify the non-Waves VST3 plugin is installed on your computer (does it load in your DAW?).
  2. Load StudioRack on a channel insert.
  3. Click the menu icon on the top right (hamburger icon).
  4. Under VST3, click  Scan Plugins.
      This scans system default VST3 folders*:
    • Windows:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
    • Mac: Macintosh HD\Library\Audio\Plug-Ins\VST3
  5. Once done, click OK.

* To add custom VST3 folders click VST3>Set Plugins Folder>Set Custom Folder.

None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.

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