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How to Run Waves Plugins on macOS El Capitan 10.11

Last updated on: 11/29/2022 8:06:19 AM

To run Waves plugins on Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6, use the v10 offline installer, activate your licenses to a USB flash drive on a supported OS (macOS 10.13 and up), then connect it to your Mac computer to load the plugins.

Step #1 - Activate licenses to a USB Flash Drive using a separate system

On a supported OS (Windows 10 and up / macOS 10.13 and up), follow these steps:

  1. If not yet installed, download and install the Waves Central application.
  2. Launch Waves Central.
  3. Select the Licenses page.
  4. Select Not Activated at the top of the page.
  5. Choose the license/s you wish to activate. Selected licenses will appear in the list on the right.
  6. On the right panel, choose your connected USB flash drive as the target device for license activation.
  7. Click the Activate button.

Step #2 - Install V9 or V10 on the macOS 10.11 machine

macOS El Capitan 10.11 can run Waves plugins V9 or V10. (To install V9, follow the instructions listed here).

To install as V10, follow these steps:

  1. On the macOS 10.11 computer, Uninstall Waves Central.
  2. Download the V10 Offline Installation Folder for Mac.
  3. Once done, disconnect your computer from the internet.
  4. Extract the downloaded zip file and run Install_Waves_Central.dmg, drag Waves Central to the Applications folder, then go into the Applications folder and launch Waves Central.
  5. Since no internet is present, the auto-update will not occur. When prompted to log in or ‘Continue Offline’, click ‘Continue Offline’.
  6. In Finder, browse to the Waves V10 - 5.3.20 folder which you just extracted and double-click on the file named “install.cen”.
  7. Select the products you wish to install and click on Install.
  8. Once done, connect your USB flash drive from Step #1 to this computer to activate the plugins.

*Avoid launching Waves Central while online to prevent an auto-update to the latest version.

None of the above worked? Contact Technical Support.

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