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How to Lock Input and Mix Values on Preset Load

Jun 24, 2024

Learn how to lock Input and Mix values when loading a preset and retain the same values when browsing presets.

Certain Waves plugins have dedicated controls that lock the Input and/or Mix (wet/dry) controls when a new preset is loaded, for example in CLA Epic:

Certain Waves plugins have dedicated controls that lock the Input and/or Mix (wet/dry) controls when a new preset is loaded

This allows you to retain those values when you are browsing between different presets and gives you a better representation of how the plugin affects your signal.

In plugins that do not feature dedicated value locks, use the Lock Input or Lock Mix on Preset Load features in the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the plugin window to keep the current values of the Input or Mix parameters (or both) when you load a preset:

Ignore Input or Ignore Mix on Preset Load

If the Input or Mix menu item is not visible on the menu, then either the plugin is locally locking the Input value, the Mix value, or the plugin does not contain the relevant controls.

This preference does not affect other settings saved in a session.

This feature is available in the following plugins:

PluginLock InputLock Mix
Abbey Road ChambersAutomatically doesn’t change on preset changev
Abbey Road EMI TG12345 Channelvv
Abbey Road Reverb Platesvv
Abbey Road Saturatorv
Abbey Road Vinylv
Aphex Vintage Aural Exciterv
API 2500v
BB Tubesv
Berzerk Distortionvv
Brauer Motionvv
BSS DPR-402vv
Butch Vig Vocalsv
CLA Bassv
CLA Drumsv
CLA EchoSpherevv
CLA Effectsv
CLA EpicvHas Lock
CLA Guitarsv
CLA MixDownv
CLA Unpluggedv
CLA Vocalsv
CLA-2A Compressor / Limiterv
CLA-3A Compressor / Limiterv
CLA-76 Compressor / Limiterv
dbx® 160 Compressor / Limitervv
DTS Neural™ Mono2Stereov
eMo D5 Dynamicsv
GTR3 Solo ToolRackv
GTR3 ToolRackv
H-Comp Hybrid Compressorv
H-Delay Hybrid Delayv
H-EQ Hybrid Equalizerv
IR-Live Convolution Reverbv
KaleidoscopesAutomatically doesn’t change on preset changev
Kramer HLS Channelv
Magma Springsv
Manny Marroquin Delayvv
Manny Marroquin Distortionv
Manny Marroquin EQv
Manny Marroquin Reverbvv
Manny Marroquin Tone Shaperv
Manny Marroquin Triple Dv
MDMX Distortion FUZZvv
MDMX Distortion OverDrivevv
MDMX Distortion Screamervv
MultiMod Rackv
PS22 Stereo Makerv
Q10 Equalizerv
Renaissance Compressorv
Renaissance Reverbv
Retro FivHas lock
Smack Attackv
Space Riderv
SSL G-Master Buss Compressorv
Vitamin Sonic Enhancervv

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