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How to Improve AMD CPU Performance on Windows

Jul 03, 2024

If you experience unusually high CPU consumption from Waves Plugins V14 and above while using an AMD CPU and Windows, learn how to enable MKL optimization to improve CPU performance.

We have received reports that some Waves plugins do not work well with AMD CPUs. We have found that our MKL optimization is not automatically enabled. Enabling it can solve this issue in most cases.

Important Notes:

  • This works for most Waves plugins on most AMD CPUs, we cannot guarantee it will solve every high CPU consumption issue.
  • This is a reversible action.
  • This setting may affect other applications and plugins.
  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Data\Utilities
  2. Right Click on MKL_Optimization.exe utility and ‘Run as Admin’
  3. Click the ‘Enable/Disable’ button
  4. ‘MKL Optimization Status: Enabled’ should be displayed below
  5. Restart your computer

If, for any reason, this does not improve (or lowers) CPU performance of other software – please follow these steps to disable the MKL optimization.

None of the above worked? Contact Waves Technical Support.