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How to Get 2nd Licenses for Your Waves Products

Last updated on: 5/18/2020 5:37:06 AM

You can now get a bonus 2nd license for Waves plugins and bundles covered under the Waves Update Plan, for use on multiple devices.

If you have plugins or bundles currently covered under the Waves Update Plan, here’s how to get your 2nd licenses for them:

  1. Access the Register Your 2nd Licenses page.
  2. If you are not logged in already, log in to your Waves account.
  3. The list you see will display only your products with current Waves Update Plan coverage, which are eligible for this option. If you do not see the product(s) for which you wish to register 2nd licenses, you can renew your Waves Update Plan for those products. (Please note that eMotion LV1, SuperRack, MultiRack, SoundGrid Rack for Venue, and all Waves Subscriptions are excluded from the 2nd license benefit: see full 2nd License Terms & Conditions.)
  4. Select the licenses for which you wish to register 2nd licenses:
    1. For all licenses, check the top box (to the left of ‘Products’)
    2. For specific licenses, check specific boxes
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and checkmark ‘I understand & agree to the 2nd license terms’.
  6. Click the ‘Register 2nd Licenses’ button at the bottom.
  7. You will receive confirmation that 2nd licenses have been registered. Your licenses can now be viewed in the My Products page (use the ‘Second Licenses’ or ‘All’ radio buttons at the top). They are also available for activation and product installation in Waves Central.
  8. For instructions how to install and activate your licenses, click the ‘Install & Activate Now’ button (or see the instructions here).

Learn more about the Waves Update Plan.

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