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How to Get New Waves Gemstones

Jul 25, 2023

Waves Gemstones is a growing collection of creative effects that is available as a part of the Waves Creative Access plugin subscription. This article explains how to get new Gemstones when they become available.

In order to be able to use Waves Gemstones, start a 7-day free trial or subscribe to Waves Creative Access.

In case you are already subscribed to Waves Creative Access, update your plugins by following the steps in this article.

Once subscribed, install all Waves plugins using Waves Central.

Now that the plugins are installed, open your digital audio workstation application (DAW) of choice and look for a plugin named ‘Waves Gemstones’ in your plugin list. Inside of it, you will find individual Gemstone effects.

How to get new Gemstones

The Waves Gemstones plugin comes preinstalled with 10 Gemstone effects.

However, more Gemstones are available and added periodically.
To get more Gemstones, follow these steps:

  1. Open your DAW of choice and insert the Waves Gemstones plugin on a track.
  2. Click on the “Get More” button at the top of the Waves Gemstones plugin: Get More
  3. This will open the ‘Get Gemstones’ window, in which you will find additional Gemstones to download.
  4. All Gemstone will work if you are subscribed to Waves Ultimate.
    In case you are subscribed to Waves Essential, checkmark ‘Waves Essential Only’ to only show Gemstones that will fully function with your subscription option. You can still download any Gemstones, but some will work in Demo Mode.
  5. To download a Gemstone, click ‘Load’ next to the Gemstone you chose: Load
  6. The new Gemstone will now be available in the Waves Gemstone plugin’s browser and loaded on your track.

Need further assistance? Contact Waves Technical Support.