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How to Filter Licensed Plugins in StudioVerse and StudioRack Chain Search Results

May 28, 2023

Learn how to filter your StudioVerse and StudioRack chain search results, so you only see chains with plugins you own.


By default, the search results in StudioVerse will display all of the chains that match your search. Results may include plugins that are not installed or activated on your system.

StudioVerse In StudioVerse’s chain search results, when the ‘plugin’ icon appears in yellow next to a chain, one or more of the plugins in the chain will load in demo mode. Running plugins in demo mode will introduce periodic audio mutes. You can add, remove and edit plugins freely in any chain once it is loaded, even if a plugin is running in demo mode.
Click on the yellow ’plugins’ icon to see which plugins will run in demo mode.

StudioVerse In a case where the ‘plugins’ icon appears red, one or more of the plugins in the chain is not installed on your system. You can still load the chain, but the missing plugins will be deactivated, so the chain will not sound as intended.
Click on the red ’plugins’ icon to see which plugins are missing.

If you only want to find chains that contain plugins that are installed and activated on your system (for example, if you’re subscribed to Waves Essential, or if you own a perpetual license for a single bundle), click on the Lock icon on the rightmost side of the Filter Bar:


If you want to find chains that include a specific plugin, use the Plugins drop-down menu in the Filter Bar to select it – all the search results will include that plugin.


In StudioRack, the list of plugins you can use when creating or modifying a chain includes all the Waves plugins installed on your system, whether they are licensed or not.

Plugins that don’t have an active license are listed in italics.

To show only plugins which you have a license for, click on the Lock icon next to the search bar:


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